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Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a competitor or a glider owner, you'll find the formula to suit your needs.

Nos formules d’inscription sont basées sur le principe du forfait, disponibles ici :

Their main features are explained below.

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Le forfait « Formation »

This is the best way to learn to drive if you want to become a driver within the season. Effective training requires regular attendance. You'll be trained by instructor pilots who all hold instructor qualifications (approved by the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile). Flights will be made in gliders and motorgliders. A logbook will enable you and your instructors to follow your progress from flight to flight. Between 20 and 25 hours of flying and around 30 landings are required before you are "released solo" (your first flight alone in the glider)... This is an average.

During this first year of club life and training, you can, if you wish, fly with "circumnavigator" pilots who will introduce you to the pleasures and sensations of gliding over the countryside. Travel several hundred kilometers without using any energy other than the force of the updrafts. A fabulous, clean sport!

Le forfait « Complet »

Whether you're a pilot or a passenger, you'll fly the entire glider fleet without worrying about a thing...