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Flight school

Learn to pilot a glider, fly in complete safety, complete "circuits" - it's all within your grasp!

Pour qui ?

The flying school is open to students aged 14 and over, with no age limit, subject to medical fitness... At over 75, some people are still flying, and flying well! Throughout the season (March 15 to October 30), our 20 instructors are on call to ensure that every student pilot can complete his or her training on weekends and weekdays.

Our instructors, with the exception of our chief pilot, are all volunteers, and it's the pleasure of sharing and passing on their passion that drives them. They apply the methods developed by the Fédération Française de Vol à Voile and validated by the DGAC. Training is supervised by our chief pilot Frédéric Durand.

Training can be year-round or on the job, or both!

En vous inscrivant à l’année…

The first thing you need to know is that you'll be assigned a sponsor, who will be responsible for a number of tasks (introducing you to the members as you go along - introducing you to the club from every angle and answering your questions - talking to you on the phone or by e-mail, etc.). Once you've signed up for the year, the rest is pretty straightforward: all you have to do is turn up in the morning, put your name down on the flight sheet before 10.00 a.m. and then fly with your instructor in the late morning or afternoon. If you can't be there before 10:00, you can register a few days in advance on the club's website via the Clic'nGlide interface. Year-round registration also allows you to fly during training courses. Training courses are a good way of condensing your learning... combined with a few weekends, it's perfectly feasible to aim for your release and certification at the end of the season. Clic’nGlide. Early membership also allows you to fly during training sessions. Training sessions are beneficial as they condense your learning experience... combined with a few weekends, it's entirely possible to aim for your solo flight and license by the end of the season.

Si vous partez plutôt sur un stage…

For those under 18, please note that our courses are supervised 24 hours a day. You are fully supported during your 6-day course. Meals can be shared (for an additional fee). The dormitory and 5 rooms in the accommodation building are at your disposal. 

If you have the choice, opt for the 12-day course, which is really conclusive in terms of efficiency. However, if you're limited in terms of time off, there's the 6-day option. The courses are designed to be profitable: there will be no more than 3 students per instructor, and you'll benefit from practical lessons (up to 2 flights a day) and theory.

The courses are an effective way to make rapid progress, immersed in a motivating group dynamic.

Beginning gliders

Notre démarche

If you're wondering "Why do we use old generation gliders for the Bailleau beginners' school? The reason is quite simple: we were the first club to have only composite gliders. In 2005, we realized that the time spent by our students on training was getting longer and longer. The gliders we were making available to them were too advanced, complicating the learning phase. As a result, by buying back old generation gliders, and then switching to "composite material" gliders, we saved around 5 hours of training time! The school is now run on ASK13s and the SF25 motorglider, then later on ASK21s and Janus.