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Environnement & Security

Let's soar towards safer skies and a more planet-friendly environment! Welcome to our dedicated space for a passion that aims for the heights, while fostering a culture that combines friendliness and responsibility

Déposer un REX

This tab is intended for any pilot or individual wishing to share an event or experience related to the safety of gliding activities in the broadest sense (activities in-flight as well as in the workshop, hangar, etc.). Acting as educational resources, they will then be analyzed by the prevention and safety unit, classified according to their frequency and severity, and will allow necessary lessons to be drawn from them.

The CVVE promotes a fair culture and prevention, your anonymity will be guaranteed. The aim is neither to judge nor to sanction! 

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Follow the club's news to find a review of the most relevant and useful lessons learned (REX) for the practice of our activity.